Rethinking the current mental health care system


We are still mad about the mad. We still don’t understand them, and that lack of understanding makes us mean and arrogant, and makes us mislead ourselves, and so we hurt them.

David Cohen

What kind of society do we want to be? When our extreme singularity touches our balance, when delirium and suffering control our actions, these human actions are not always understood, accepted or approved.

Is there a place for those less fortunate and vulnerable, for the “madmen” we still do not understand, to whom we often add the weight of exclusion, judgment, and punishment?

The JAEC Foundation promotes a compassionate and inclusive society, raising awareness of mental health and mental distress. It is time to build bridges.


The mission of the JAEC Foundation is to promote change by supporting alternative, long-term mental health care solutions. Raising awareness and understanding of extreme psychological distress and the shortcomings in the current predominant mental health care system, we can move toward a more inclusive and compassionate societal model.



Society must defend and ensure the rights of the psychologically distressed. Going beyond to support, promote, and achieve a more humane model of mental health care, ultimately acknowledging the capacity of the most vulnerable to overcome and manage the challenges of extreme psychological distress, reconstruct their dignity, and reconnect to their families and their communities.


Our non-profit organization promotes such change acting on eight main axes:

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  1. 1

    Identifying, funding, and collaborating with educational programs, as well as organizations, foundations, and associations, aligned with our mission;

  2. 2

    Supporting and funding organizations, communities, centers, and mental health facilities, that are actively promoting long-term recovery and wellness;

  3. 3

    Providing support and funds for scientific research, information dissemination, and educational programs looking to impact both the public and the private mental health care sectors;

  4. 4

    Promoting and supporting the production of videos, documentaries, webzines, and publications, aimed at raising awareness towards psychological distress and alternative mental healthcare models;

  5. 5

    Sponsoring grants and funds and subsidizing legal expenses for individuals in psychological distress and at risk;

  6. 6

    Financing and promoting conferences and congresses organized by the foundation or other institutions pursuing similar goals;

  7. 7

    Establishing scholarships to support the costs of training programs for mental health professionals;

  8. 8

    Financing the publication of articles and books and other written literature aimed at promoting the principles and values of the JAEC Foundation.


Compassion and responsibility are the foundations of justice.


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