JAEC Online Groups

We currently offer online groups for the French, English, and Spanish-speaking public. You may sign up for the date and time of preference, no matter where you live.

The online groups last 90 minutes and are moderated by one or two facilitators, providing a confidential space where people can share information and experiences that encourage a dialogue that goes beyond the psychiatric biomedical model.

JAEC invites you to participate.

Respect is the base principle that guides the sessions.

Although JAEC is hosting these sessions on its mediatic platform, the moderators do not represent JAEC. Their opinions and suggestions are their own.


The JAEC Family Support Group provides a confidential space where family members can share information and experiences that encourage a dialogue about psychiatric diagnosis, the use of psychiatric medications, and non-drug alternatives. A spirit of sharing, mutual enrichment, and trust, guide the meetings. Each voice is considered equally valuable.    

Our goal is to help parents and relatives feel less alone on their journey.

The online group is led by professionals and relatives trained in Open Dialogue.


To register for a support group, please click on “Sign up here” next to the country that suits you and fill out the form.

You can also send an email to



The JAEC FreePsyTalk Group provides a comfortable space where clients of psychiatry can exchange reflections and thoughts in the field of mental health based on their life experience. JAEC host these meetings that are guided by Natasa Arvova, a mental health peer support facilitator.

Each voice is considered equally valuable.

The aim is to offer a safe and enriching space where dialogue supports the achievements and struggles of this community.


To register for this support group, please send an email to 


You can also sign up by contacting Natasa Arvova through her Facebook page

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JAEC hosts this JAEC Tapering Online Group to offer people in psychiatry, or who have been in psychiatry at some point during their lives, information about psychiatric diagnosis, the use of psychotropic medications, and the opportunity for a dialogue around the critical topic of tapering. A spirit of openness, curiosity, and respect guide the meetings. Each voice is considered equally valuable.

We hope to help them feel less alone in their quest for answers which very often go unanswered.


To register for the survivor group, please send an email to 


Open Dialogue

JAEC hosts the online group Red Dialogo Abierto to offer professionals in psychiatry in Spain a platform where they can openly discuss different topics related to Open Dialogue. We aim to support this community of professionals that can sometimes feel ostracised and misunderstood, offering them a friendly space where they can share their experiences and their hope for a more humane way of treating clients of psychiatry.

Together we can help build the community of Open Dialogue in Spain, a growing community that will come together in the Open Dialogue Annual Congress that is to take place in Madrid in August 2022.


To register for the Open Dialogue group, please send an email to 


This is a space where parents can exchange information and share experiences to cultivate a dialogue going beyond the predominant mainstream medical treatment model.