Cinema Night

The program of our cinema forum responds to a desire to stimulate thought, to touch sensitivities, and to challenge and encourage us all to embrace new ideas, pushing our spirit beyond limits.

We are here to create a debate, to provoke, and to offer compassion, creativity, and alternatives.

Together we will share our visions, positioning ourselves to understand those who are unique and uncommon in our society, often in pain and disconnected from community. Promoting new ideas and alternatives, we hope to contribute to the creation of a network of people prepared to support a more holistic and compassionate model of mental health care.

Justice, compassion, and education are the values that sustain the choice of our first cycle.



We promise you a fun-filled event where we will share moments of insight, creativity, and beauty!

The JAEC Team is dedicated to creating exciting and wonderful venues for all of you.

With your help, we can offer hope and support to the lives of many who struggle with challenging circumstances.
Mental health is something we do together.


Thank you for helping the cause!

Scholarships & Grants


Every crisis is different and deserves a treatment adapted to a person’s changing needs.

The OD Presentation Workshop is a brief presentation of the history and principles of Open Dialogue: A form of organization, a vision, and practice in psychiatry originating from Western Lapland, adaptable to various contexts.

Open Dialogue focuses on social care rather than medication and hospitalization. It optimally meets the needs of patients and their families. Research for the past 30 years points towards an 80% of sustainable recoveries for first crisis interventions, proving this approach is the best in the Western world—a fundamentally human form of approaching and working with people in psychic difficulty.