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Healing comes from acknowledging, accepting, and learning from one’s experiences, one’s vulnerability, and one’s weaknesses and strengths.

Erich Fromm

JAEC aims to promote change based on supporting more comprehensive and humane solutions in the field of mental health care.

We need education, beyond conventional wisdom, to understand where we stand today.

We need hope, we need creativity, and we need to bring down walls, so as to build a safer and fairer social structure for all members of society.

Justice, action, education, and compassion are the values we stand for. As a group, we are committed to these values. We will be sharing with you our vision and goals, which we hope to accomplish through activities we will develop throughout the year.


Thanks to you


“If all we have is a hammer, all we see are nails.”
Life is constantly under construction. The JAEC Foundation aims at reconstructing the way we view mental health and steering us towards a more compassionate and inclusive societal model. Your help makes all the difference. Thank you!

Activity Report