Anders Sørensen – Tackling Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Through Research and in Practice

14 November 2022

Mad in America hosts blogs by a diverse group of writers. These posts are designed to serve as a public forum for a discussion—broadly speaking—of psychiatry and its treatments. The opinions expressed are the writers’ own. By James Moore -November 5, 2022 “Coming off psychiatric drugs is more than withdrawal and chemistry, it involves other strategies.” n… View Article

How to Keep Your Feet on the Ground in these Times of Major Upheaval

12 November 2020

By Natasa Arvova How can we remain anchored, aligned, and comfortable in our bodies?How can we stay sane in this time of “general madness”? Dear Friends, The pandemic is carrying us all through a period that is bewildering and very disturbing. For us, psychologically fragile people, this extremely anxiety-provoking global context can destabilize us even… View Article

0:00 / 1:19:40 “HEALING HOMES,” recovery from psychosis without medication

18 October 2020

Healing Homes: An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis. Healing Homes is a program that, in this era of multi-drug cocktails and psychiatric diagnoses-for-life, helps people recover from psychosis without medication. The organization, backed by over twenty years of experience, places people who have been failed by traditional psychiatry in host families — predominately farm… View Article

00:00 / 41:01 Kelly Brogan interviews Beatrice Birch of Inner Fire

18 October 2020

Inner Fire Healing Community. Inner Fire is a proactive healing community offering a choice for adults to recover from debilitating and traumatic life challenges without the use of psychotropic medications. We are not anti-medication but rather believe in the choice to find inner balance and healing without the challenging side effects of psychotropic medications. With… View Article