How to Keep Your Feet on the Ground in these Times of Major Upheaval

By Natasa Arvova

How can we remain anchored, aligned, and comfortable in our bodies?
How can we stay sane in this time of “general madness”?

Dear Friends,

The pandemic is carrying us all through a period that is bewildering and very disturbing. For us, psychologically fragile people, this extremely anxiety-provoking global context can destabilize us even more and even trigger us to fall into a tailspin.

So, how can we avoid adverse effects?
How can we remain anchored, aligned, and comfortable in our bodies?
How can we stay sane in this time of “general madness”?

I suggest that you become aware of your inner state of being and work on it.

Here are a few tips that help me navigate in difficult times:

Sleep quality and regularity play an essential role in feeling good and staying in shape, both physically and mentally. This is key to our well-being, and it requires a little discipline!

– Nothing can replace sunshine and outdoor oxygenation. It is very beneficial to go out regularly for a walk, benefiting from sunshine’s dose of vitamin D, which also helps us to be in a good mood.

– We can also use immunostimulating antiviral essential oils such as Ravintsara, Tea Tree, or Oregano. To apply them, you must mix 2-3 drops in moisturizing cream and perform a light massage on the soles of your feet.

– We can do many beneficial things to strengthen our immune system. It is advisable to supplement your diet with vitamin C, B (brewer’s yeast or B complex), D, and zinc; fresh garlic, onion, turmeric, ginger, chili pepper, and honey are natural sources; hazelnuts and walnuts are “foods for the brain,” and; let’s not forget the benefits of dark chocolate – a joy of life in these challenging times!

– Those of you who are blessed with a pet need to find moments to pamper them, feed them, and take good care of them. Indeed, these precious moments bring us back to reality and to the present moment.

– Finally, it is essential not to forget to maintain social ties with the family and the neighborhood. Even if we are socially distancing, we have virtual tools at our disposal and a simple phone call, e-mail, Wapp message, or video-conference call can help us feel connected and less alone.

Online group meetings are welcome and highly recommended at the moment. I, therefore, suggest that you join our FREE PSY TALK with the “crazy silly wise magick” discussion group every last Monday of the month at 6.45 pm. For those who are interested, contact details will be found at the end of this article.

Let’s try not to get carried away by these difficult times by remaining balanced, anchored, practicing meditation, cardiac coherence, dance, and body movement and maintaining creativity through painting, sculpture, pottery, cooking… Everything to nourish our soul, body, and mind.

Let’s keep it simple. Quite simply.

And think about it: The sun rises every day and shines despite the clouds. Let’s try to do the same and keep smiling.

Every crisis eventually passes.
This one too will pass. I am sure.

Yours sincerely,

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