00:00 / 41:01 Kelly Brogan interviews Beatrice Birch of Inner Fire

Inner Fire Healing Community.

Inner Fire is a proactive healing community offering a choice for adults to recover from debilitating and traumatic life challenges without the use of psychotropic medications.

We are not anti-medication but rather believe in the choice to find inner balance and healing without the challenging side effects of psychotropic medications. With the help of a psychiatrist and our comprehensive program which calls upon the engagement of the whole human being, we assist people who long to carefully taper to a satisfactory level, who want to avoid medications altogether, or who need support while dealing with the withdrawal symptoms having discontinued their benzodiazepines or other medications

“As our consciousness shifts from that of victim to that of creator, the process of tapping untapped wells within our innermost self leads to healing. For some people, medications interfere with such engagement and growth.”

Beatrice Birch, Founder