Parenthèse Paccot-Dessus

By Claudia Esteve & Tanja Pulfer

The association Parenthèse Paccot-Dessus combines support for people in difficult situations and the preservation of the alpine heritage.

By giving people struggling with a complicated life-path the opportunity to find peace in nature and reintegrate into their communities through a meaningful contribution to society, the Parenthèse Paccot-Dessus association embodies a double mission: Supporting individuals coping with mental distress and safeguarding the regional heritage.

In parallel to working in nature (animal care, woodworking, beekeeping, masonry, etc.), these citizens can benefit from a meaningful interlude that allows them to have the necessary and crucial awareness for a new beginning.

The association Parenthèse Paccot-Dessus makes its premises available and leaves the responsibility of supervising the residents to professionals. The association’s resources are used exclusively for the specific needs intended for the restoration of the chalets.

Marc and Christophe, two enthusiasts, are the founders and managers of this magnificent project. A farmer by training, Christophe is a peer helper for people in difficulty during winter and an alpine heifer keeper in summer, while Marc is an economist and passionate handyman. In their love for the mountains and helping their fellow man, they meet.

With their association Parenthèse Paccot-Dessus, they marvelously combine support for people in difficult situations and the preservation of the alpine heritage. The chalets, located in this isolated, timeless region, are available to boarders from recognized institutions. The guests participate in the renovation of rapidly deteriorating buildings, which is often considered too burdensome by the alpine pasture societies.

Guests passing through the chalets thus help to maintain the history of the site while at the same time making their history part of it through the work carried out on site.

The Parenthèse Paccot-Dessus is a project that embodies the core values of JAEC: Justice, Action, Education, and Compassion. The JAEC Foundation is honored to give its support to this local, unique, and humane project.